EU orders

Dear costumers,

Since we are still developing our EU website, all orders outside the Netherlands have to be placed as instructed below. We hope to give u the same service as our Dutch costumers as soon as possible!

Please send all details to: Whatsapp +31610848386 or e-mail

Outside the Netherlands we ship for a minimum amount of € 50. An additional shipping costs will be added (DHL parcel service with track & trace).

We process orders outside the Netherlands manually. U can text us the products / quantities u want to order, and your name / address details / e-mail address, and we will send u the payment details. Payments will be made by bank transfer.

Each costumer is required to check the legal status of our products in their country.

Countries we ship to & shipping costs:

Belgium: €15     Croatia: €35   
Bulgaria: €25 Romania: €20
Denmark: €32 Austria: €20
Poland: €20 Slovenia: €20
Portugal: €25 Slovakia: €20
Estonia: €25 Spain: €25
France: €25   Czech Republic: €20
Greece: €28 Sweden: €30
Hungary: €22 Latvia: €25     
Italy: €25  Luxembourg: €15
Lithuania: €25